Drake: II Horizons Kickstarter Survey and New Backer Pledge Manager

Hello All!

What an amazing Kickstarter campaign this has been. We have been totally floored by the awesome support and input of you all. Thank you so very much! We have also really loved seeing the community develop further here, a big shout out to all of you who took time to answer questions and assist new backers in learning about the project. This means a huge amount for the AGM team and we look forward to continuing to support the community in the months to come!

There has been significant interest in our PayPal campaign. We know that some have had trouble getting involved through Kickstarter and so we are now offering those folks a chance to contribute through PayPal during our limited-time post-Kickstarter Campaign. Our pledge manager and Backer Survey below is set up to handle both new and existing backers.

You may change your pledge level to a higher one or add new ones, with the exception of any pledge levels that had a limited quantity available during the Kickstarter.

Finally, AGM’s art team has been working overtime to prepare some excellent surprises for you all: We are proud to announce that our Reapers and Embalmed Ones have been added to the Pledge Manager and are available for pre-order!  A reveal of The Embalmed Ones will be coming this week.

Here are the instructions for the Pledge manager along with the link. Please read them before sending questions. They are quite thorough, as we want to make sure that we get every personal selection correct for every order!

Lastly please email questions and concerns to “” and we will do our best to help you.



  • Click File > Make a copy… Click OK, and a copy of the file will be saved to your Google Drive. If “Make a copy” is greyed out, you are not logged in to Google! Click “SIGN IN” in the upper right corner, and try again.
  • ONLY fill out light green and dark red cells. NEVER enter text into white, grey, yellow, or pink cells. Red cells MUST be filled out. Use common sense to determine if a green cell applies to you.
  • Fill out the survey in order. It is very important that you go in order, or else you’ll get unexpected results, like $10,000,000 shipping costs or cells that say #N/A. If you see things like that, it means you missed filling out a cell above.
  • The survey will tell you in column B when you have free bonuses to add. Change the quantity in column C to claim your bonuses. If you want to pay for additional copies of that model, just increase the quantity in column C to the number you want, and the bonus discount will still be applied.
  • Check that your survey balances by reading the message in row 243. If it doesn’t, look above for errors.
  • When you are done, click File > Download as > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).
  • Email the XLSX file to from the email address associated with your Kickstarter account.
  • If you are increasing your Kickstarter pledge amount, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the additional amount. You will need either a credit card or a PayPal account to be able to pay.Reaper pp update


Post-Kickstarter Campaign Extension and Pledge Manager Launches Monday, March 17th


The Return of Drake!



It is time for Drake to return! Many people from all over the world have asked us if they can get involved in our amazing game, now is the time! Thanks to the support of our amazing backers over the last year, we are able to offer a 4th force for our game. This exciting campaign will hopefully unlock some awesome stretch goals and allow us to raise money for packaging and shipping, to launch our game commercially.

In celebration of this announcement we present our Drake Mini-Book. Please download a copy!

Come with us! Join as a Dragon general in the land of Dara, and help bring Drake to game stores around the globe.

Drake is Shipping Shipping Shipping!

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Yes! We are shipping out Drake and it is awesome! No time for blog posts, keep updated in the forums and Kickstarter, more to come soon!

Dragon Confrontation

Rish Vs Garrick Website1

Hi Folks,

In anticipation of our upcoming Kickstarter shipping, we would like to share a new photo that displays miniatures from the Rish and Garrick forces.  Click on it to see it in full resolution.

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