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Beautiful New Dragon Art.



The devastating Formosi, assault Dragon of the Great Mystics Alliance. These mighty beasts are a perfect balance of warrior and spell caster.




Graceful and deadly Seretin Dragons are the scouts and strike force leaders of the Builders Alliance. None can match their speed, their massive wings giving them arial dominance over all other Dragonkind.

Big thanks to Shane Molina for his amazing art work!

Tricksy Power Marks are Tricksy

power mark marks of ether

Hello out there all of you in internet land!

I was asked to do a blog post about something that I feel is fun and interesting in our game to tantalize all of you! I didn’t want to get into a deep strategy or force building discussion quite yet, but those things are coming I promise! For now I just wanted to give you an overview of one of my favorite things in Drake: POWER MARKS. Each force has access to their version of these powerful and versatile chant constructions, but today we will look at the marks of power that the Great Mystics Alliance has at their disposal, the Marks of Ether.

Mark of Ether

You can include power mark cards in your force for a certain amount of points. The card starts in your hand at the beginning of the game to make sure you can use your purchased asset.

When cast, nodes of energy push through the ground, in the places the casting unit guides them to. Once they are placed the marks do not move or act in any way, but if your magical-wielding forces push chant energy through them, they can access a wide range of powerful effects.

For reference, here are the rules, as listed in our working beta rules set:

Marks of Ether: 20 Points/Card, Chant cost: 3/4/6/8

Unit Type: Spirit Chant Construction, Power Marks


-Placement: You must place each of the Marks of the Ether within 8” of the casting model and only on open ground. The number of power marks you place is determined by the amount of chant power spent to cast Marks of Ether.

-Chant cost and Unit size: If you pay 3 chant power, place only one power mark and place a “charged” marker next to it. Pay either 4, 6 or 8 chant power when casting Marks of Ether to place two, three or four power marks, respectively. Note that if you place more than one power mark, those marks do not have charged markers placed with them.

-Synergy Rating: Marks of Ether have a synergy rating of 7+.

Dex 4 / AR 7 / HP 1

Base Size: Small
Height: .5


-Activating Marks of Ether (snap ability*)<Cost: Special, see below>: Once per turn. Any chanting unit that is within range of a friendly power mark may use the power mark’s snap abilities, as long as that unit is within the specific range for the ability it wishes to use. This is referred to as “activating” the power mark.

(*Note that a “snap ability” means that this ability can be used any time you could play a snap card! But Power Marks themselves are limited to only one use during each player’s turn)

When your chanting unit activates a power mark, you also declare which ability you wish to use, measure to make sure you are within that abilities range and pay the appropriate amount of chant power. If a charged marker is removed from the power mark to activate it, the effect costs no chant but a chanting unit still needs to activate the mark.

The different abilities that you can activate are listed here. Ranges listed for these abilities are the distance the chanting model must be within to activate the power mark, any effect ranges are listed in the effect description:

Ability – Range (to activating model) <Cost>: Effect

Daze – Range 12” <Cost: 2 CP>: Target an enemy unit within 10” of the activated power mark. That unit loses 1 AP and gets -1 Dex until the end of the current operation. A unit can only be affected by a single “daze” effect during each operation.

Feedback – Range 10” <Cost: 3 CP>: Target a unit that is being affected by an enhancement within 8” of the activated power mark . Choose an enhancement affecting that unit and destroy it. If the enhancement is destroyed in this way, target an enemy chanting unit within 8” of the first targeted unit, if there is one. Each model in that enemy chanting unit suffers a number of Atts 2 attack rolls equal to the chant cost of the destroyed enhancement.

Execute – Range 12” <Cost: 4 CP, 1 AP>The activated Mark of Ether makes a single Atts 4 missile attack, with a short range of 12”, against an enemy model in LOS of the that power mark (for this purpose the Mark of Ether is considered to have 360 degree field of vision and no long range). This attack gets +2 to hit. If the targeted enemy suffered at least 1 HP of damage from this attack, it must make an immediate perilous check of 7+. If failed, that model takes an additional D10, divided by 3, automatic HP of damage.

Transmute – Range 10” <Cost: 5 CP>: Destroy the activated power mark. Draw 3 cards.


Power Marks of Ether

               (Even though this picture shows three marks, a single Marks of Ether card can make up to 4 of them! For a price… in chant power…)


Definitely a spicy set of effects. I wanted to show you a few different ways to use the Marks that have proven to be quite powerful, as well as help you learn the intricacies of our game.


Strategy 1: The Big Burn

The thing that I am sure most people will notice first when reading through the effects, is how absolutely crushing the “execute” effect is. Yes it is that good. It is was created to be a tool that the weaker Great Mystics Dragons could take to pour heavy damage onto larger Dragons that outclass them in combat. Note though that out of all the power mark effects so far shown to the public, the execute effect is the only one that requires 1 AP to be spent in addition to the chant power needed to activate it. This means that because execute is so powerful, you are limited to using it when the activating model has AP to spend, which is usually only during its unit’s operation.

That being said, dropping multiple marks of ether and pumping every ounce of energy your Dragon’s got into frying a specific enemy can be very effective.

Carrying out “The Big Burn”

2.Saan after move (edit) 3.Cast 3 power marks (edit)

1. The Saan moves into position.  2. The Saan creates three Marks of Ether.

3. The Saan uses his remaining chant power and AP to destroy his enemy!

4.Dead Timor (edit)

Strategy 2: The Daze-Assist

Daze is a very useful ability for both offence and defence. With minimal chant investment you can rob an AP from each attacking model in a unit, removing an attack or possibly preventing those models from using certain move options or abilities, or you can give a model -1 DEX before charging into combat or using ranged attacks to greatly increase your chance of scoring hits. Using Marks of Ether and the Daze effect can assist in causing devastating attacks.

Carrying out the “Daze-Assist”

1. At the beginning of its turn, the Formosi Dragon has Totem Warriors and Kaymayuk Warriors lined up for charges against its enemies.

9.initial sitch (edit)

2. To make sure that his warriors inflict the most damage possible, the Formosi decides to use his Marks of Ether card to pop out two Marks. Then, during each of his Warrior unit’s operations before they charge, the Formosi uses Daze on the charge target to give the unit -1 DEX, making it much easier to hit with attacks.

10.initial sitch plus marks (edit)

3. After the charge from the Totem Warriors and the special Sling Charge from the Kaymayuk Warriors, the enemy gets badly mauled, assisted greatly by the Daze effect.

11.initial sitch plus marks and charge (edit)


Strategy 3: The Snap-xecute!

Though Execute is brutal attack, the need for the activating model to spend 1 AP to get the effect generally limits the use of the effect to a friendly model’s Action Step. However, with a bit of chant-style trickery, you can occasionally get to execute your opponents with their pants down!

The card “Drive,” a cheap and often ignored Life element chant card, can assist with this sort of pants-down execution by giving your model an AP when it generally would not have one.

1.The Yeev is hidden behind the rocks during the Saan Dragon’s operation, making it unable to be targeted by the power mark’s Execute effect.

5.hidden yeev (edit)

2. During the Yeev’s operation, it moves out from behind the rocks to spit acid at the Saan, feeling safe that it will not be ripped to pieces by the marks.

6.yeev attacks (edit)

3. But the Saan has another plan! He spends a paltry 1 Chant Power to cast the card Drive on itself. After the card resolves,the Saan gets 1 AP to use during the Yeev’s operation.

7.Drive ftw! (edit)

4. Now the Saan has the resources needed to shoot down the Yeev, even before it can even make its attacks! Tricksy Saan Dragons’s!

So there you have it folks! A couple of possible strategies using the Marks of Ether, but definitely not all of them! Power marks are some of the most versatile cards/models you can bring to battle, and I strongly suggest reading each of them closely to find your own powerful strategies to use them with.

Until next time, here is the Wurm of the Ages signing off!

Dragons Forever!!

Thank you all!

Drake Minatures Box Art-009 V2

Hello everyone!

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New World

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